Inspecting bridges and tunnels for signs of corrosion, cracks and deterioration forms a substantial part of the surveys carried out by our practice, with over 1,000 bridge surveys a year carried out in the UK alone.

Tunnels and confined spaces are unique structures to work within, not least because of the potential dangers involved if they’re not properly prepared for. We regularly undertake condition, corrosion and leakage surveys to service, road and rail tunnels and shafts to detect areas where there is dangerous concrete, cracks, corrosion or spalling. Thanks to our innovative access techniques such as roped access and underwater access using our dive teams, we’re able to inspect over road, rail and water with minimal disruption, carrying out a comprehensive range of diagnostic testing in difficult conditions. With the ability to place technicians across the world on-site swiftly, we offer a time-saving alternative to traditional access methods. Industrial rope access techniques allow safe, rapid access to almost all areas of a structure at a fraction of the cost of alternative access systems. A roped access technician can be at the work-face from 30 minutes of arrival at the site ready to test a building facde; scaffold can take days or weeks to prepare.

Our team is made up of Chartered Engineers, Bridge Inspectors, Commercial Dive Teams and IRATA trained roped access Technicians so you can be assured that the people who visit you know what they’re talking about. All of our technicians have a comprehensive working knowledge of concrete corrosion, testing, diagnostics and make safe methods.

Continuity of inspection and reporting is assured UK wide as our report formats follow Highways Agency and Department of Transport guidelines. Corrosion inspections are carried out to standards required by BD 63/07 and ICE guide to inspection of underwater concrete or steel structures.

To ensure structures remain sound long after we’ve carried out our surveys, we can install monitoring systems for longer term maintenance to detect early signs or cracking or corrosion before they become a real problem.

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