Building pathology – a fascinating area of our work and likened to being ‘detectives of the built environment’, inspecting and repairing the corrosion of concrete buildings and structures.

Concrete repairs are notoriously prone to increasing in size and cost once work has begun, but investing in accurate and comprehensive surveys can save significant amounts of money longer term. Understanding how a building or structure is put together is a critical part of feasibility studies in relation to adaptations, remodelling and building. Very often there is little information on ‘as built’, and drawings/records are at best partial and often incorrect if they exist at all.

We have teams of specialist expert corrosion technicians experienced in ‘opening up’ surveys to record details, measured surveys and services. Investigation and Pathology of a building or structure requires particular skills and experience – not to mention patience when in search of answers that often lay hidden. It’s crucial to understand the structure, materials and elements before the next operational stage can be implemented, and we pride ourselves on being able to provide comprehensive reports on all areas of the building envelope using a range of access techniques such as roped access and, where necessary, underwater testing via our dive teams.

All construction elements are covered by our Investigation and Pathology service.

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