Local Authorities and building owners have a vital role to play in reducing heat loss from buildings by maintaining their concrete facade through regular corrosion testing and inspection – it’s all part of our corporate responsibility to take care of the environment.

While it’s tempting, in a tough economic climate and under restricted budgets, to push back potentially expensive repairs to buildings and facades, safety obligations mean that this simply isn’t an option to do nothing. Engineered value is key, and by drawing upon the most technically accurate reports available using a wide range of corrosion testing methods, we allow our clients to make sure that funds are allocated in the right places. It ensures technically correct long term repair and protection strategies as well as fixed, non-escalating maintenance costs and make safe repair work.

A huge number of buildings in the UK do not meet current safety requirements; our specialist teams provide detailed reports identifying problem areas by carrying out a range of non-intrusive building energy surveys such as thermal imaging, providing detailed reports that include facade thermal and infrared images to give building managers a detailed report, from which we can advise on the appropriate action to take moving forwards. Our energy efficiency testing services will detect cladding seal failures and identify problem areas and points of distress in the concrete, enabling you to reduce loss of energy resources, reduce bills and ensure your business is compliant with energy regulations.

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