Marine Structures arguably have more to contend with than any other form of concrete, timber or steel structure, with corrosion an ever present danger.

Structures in marine and saltwater environments are among the most aggressive encountered and yet are often poorly built and maintained due to their need for constant availability. We understand the demands placed on these structures, and use a combination of industrial roped access, netting access and dive teams to access below and above water to inspect and test any marine structure. Whether the structure is steel, concrete, timber or a combination, we have a range of testing techniques to confirm condition, future life expectancy and fitness for purpose.

Experienced teams of expert concrete corrosion surveyors and technicians are called for to access all elements of marine structures. In the case of wharf walls and jetties, our roped access and industrial climbing teams come into their own as they’re able to inspect what is often a combination of steel pipe work, brick buildings, concrete soffits and so on.

As well as aggressive conditions due to the elements, marine structures such as jetties are frequently struck by vessels and we therefore offer an emergency call-out service to make structures safe for use.

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