Roof leaks are one of the most difficult defects to trace by virtue that water, like electricity takes the path of least resistance

As many building owners or managers who have experienced building leaks will confirm, the point at which the water enters the building and causes damage is often come distance from the point of failure. By employing a variety of tests, we’re able to pinpoint the exact point of entry, meaning isolated patch repairs can be carried out instead of large areas of replacement on roofs that are otherwise sound. Regular concrete corrosion inspection by roped access teams will detect early issues such as crumbling, spalling or corrosion, to enable swift repair and make safe procedures.

We have a range of complete NDT equipment that can be accurately used in both wet and dry conditions and to test a large range of roof coverings, coatings and membranes and use thermal imagery as well as laboratory tests to inspect for signs of concrete corrosion or cracking which may lead to leaks.

With our knowledge of roof coverings and remedial measure systems, we’re often able to advise on repairs rather than replacement which saves our clients considerable amounts of money. As you’d expect, full reports are issued that include CAD plans showing defect locations.

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