Our experience of car park inspection and testing has established us as a UK leader in independent car park consultancy, testing for concrete corrosion and dangerous concrete, advising on make-safe plans and building care plans.

A large proportion of UK shopping centres and multi storey car parks were built to the lowest cost point rather than the highest specification, leaving many suffering from potentially dangerous dilapidation issues such as cracked concrete, spalling, leaks, dangerous concrete and corrosion. Many have inherent design flaws including drainage outlets that prevent adequate water discharge or have poor concrete cover. Multi-storey car parks are often located in the most aggressive environments, yet many were constructed using outdated design standards, leading them prone to considerable deterioration.

Road salts carried in on vehicles often cause devastating results to the concrete structure. Specialist testing, together with technical understanding and interpretation of test results enable us to advise on suitable solutions to make safe and repair. Even when funds don’t permit repair or refurbishment, it’s still vital to fulfil Health and Safety obligations. To this end, we offer a make-safe service which concentrates purely on maintaining a safe environment for vehicles and pedestrians, including up to date reports to allow on-going monitoring.

Our services are complemented by our pathology and roped access services and have led us to manage multi-million pound car park refurbishments across the UK. We offer a comprehensive service to car park owners, including complete design and implementation of care plans. We are also one of the very few concrete corrosion consultancies in the UK to own and operate our own car park safety barrier test rig.

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