We are at the forefront of corrosion consultancy delivery on social housing and Decent Homes Schemes.

Engineered value should not be a buzz word for demanding economical times; it should be something that is strived for at all times. Our corrosion testing, inspection and reporting services are designed to make them comprehensive enough to act as stand-alone, yet flexible enough to be grouped together to form a total technical support package for social housing and Decent Homes Schemes.

Government deemed that by 2010, 95% of all social housing in the UK needed to be a minimum standard and the remaining 5% improved soon after. Even with adequate and continuous funding, this was clearly a herculean task. Supply chain partners need to be dynamic and flexible in their approach to all tasks performed and have a genuine interest in evolution of process. By using innovative techniques and systems of working to regularly inspect buildings for signs of corrosion, concrete cracks, spalling and so on, the bottom line is that more work can be carried out to more properties for less money, taking care of the homes of many more people.

The Concrete and Corrosion Consultancy Practice Ltd have been closely involved in such schemes from original conception and have been part of the partnering teams which were finalists in Industry awards. We’re constantly evolving our processes to improve the level of service so we’re able to offer an even better solution to the problem of social housing on limited budgets.

From random QA/measure checks to make-safe surveys, facade surveys, full building envelope surveys, we are able to offer the most thorough testing and reporting available via one company. Utilising the latest in corrosion testing using laboratory testing, cathodic testing and heat-loss testing via thermal imagery, our reports are technically accurate every time.

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